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See the Products Work Together

The suite of 6 products work together to help you grow your business. Watch me demonstrate how effective they can be.

Product 1: Talking Business Card (Talking Vcard)

Visit the Talking Vcard website to learn more by clicking here (opens in a new window).

Own it For Life

Regular price is $97 annually but suiteTOC members simply pay a one-time $27 design fee for its creation.

Present Your Best Self

Make your first impression a lasting impression when you add a personal video message to your Talking Vcard.

Easy to Share with People

The Talking Vard has a unique QR code that you save to your phone and let others scan it with their mobile phones.

Talking buinsess cards for the NEW age.

Why Choose a Talking Business Card?

Your Talking Business Card is Your Mobile Website Presenting Your Best First Impression!

Talking business card samples.

Getting it Done

You provide the information necessary to creating you Talking Vcard; banner, picture, video(s), written content, phone, address, website and we create the product. We will work with you carefully through the whole process. Once completed, we give you the QR Code that you save to your phone and simply let other people scan with their phone's camera (no software required). Your information is then displayed on their cell phone.


Present Your Best Self

What makes the digital business card talk is YOU. While some customers add product videos we suggest you record your personal video to maximize your message and present your BEST first impression! We even provide the recording software to get this done.


Unlimited Lifetime Changes

We understand that life interferes with business, or the other way around. So, unlike traditional business cards that get tossed if things change, we will modify your Talking Business card to reflect any changes. Your Talking Business Card (Talking Vcard) will always remain 100% current, at NO additional cost to you.

Product 2: webinarBLAZE (webinar platform)

Visit the webinarBLAZE website by clicking here to learn more (opens in a new window).

Use it Today

You get IMMEDIATE access with no limitations when you enroll today.

State of the Art

The latest in HTLM5 webinar technology with new features being added.

Mobile Compatible

Visitors can attend your webinar from any mobile device, as well as any PC or MAC.

Web conferencing made easy.

Product 3: VmailBLAZE (website video email)

Visit the VmailBLAZE website by clicking here to learn more (opens in a new window).

Use it Today

You get immediate access when you enroll today. Begin using video email on as many websites as you own, no limits.

Video and Audio Email

Website visitors can send you either audio or video email right from your website and you can reply in the same manner.

You're in Control

Your members area stores incoming and outgoing messages. You can also download and save audio/video messages.

Video email for your website.

Product 4: Audio Video Email (AVE)

AVE is built and being used in BETA. We are updating HTML5 code before launching.

Use it Today

Begin sending video marketing emails today to grow any business. Also keep in touch with family - it's GREAT.

Video Rage

Video is preferred as opposed to reading messages. Give people what they want and get more email open rates.

Control the Message

Choose from different templates. Upload images/backgrounds. Decide if you want people to (or not to) reply with audio/video.

Audio Video Email.

Product 5: VAPPSY (video testimonal app)

VAPPSY is in the final stage of upgrades. We are updating HTML5 code before releasing VAPPSY. Visit the website by clicking here to learn more (opens in a new window).

Mobile App

Your customers download the App for free, record and upload their video using a code that you provide them.

Website Video Player

The player's color can be changed to match your website. You control which videos to display.


You decide if visitors can send you text messages from VAPPSY's website player right to your phone in your VAPPSY app.

VAPPSY - video testimonials for your website.

VAPPSY's Video Player Below

Video testimonials are displayed in VAPPSY's video player, like the one below. You set the color so it matches your website. The videos below are real so make sure you check them out by clicking on them from the menu, scroll if you have to. The VAPPCHAT button is disabled at this time.

Video Cloud Hosting

Videos are hosted on our cloud servers so they serve up fast.

Make it Match

Create multiple players, each different in color from the other.

See and hear what people are saying.

Unlimited Websites

Assign video players to different sites separating testimonials.

VAPPCHAT Text Messaging

Visitor can send text messages to your VAPPSY app (optional).

Product 6: KwikiChat (website live chat software)

We are updating iOS and Android security codes before launching. Visit the website by clicking here to learn more (opens in a new window).


Add KwikiChat to as many websites as you own. Visitors can connect with you via text, audio and/or 2-way interactive video.

Team Friendly

Work with a team? Great. You can easily create operators and transfer chats between each other.


Should we really have to say this? We don't share, rent or sell your information, unlike some popular free services.

Live chat for your website.

These Products Can Be Yours.

You get immediate access to the first 4 products today and you get access to the other 2 when we release them.

Communication tools to grow any business.

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